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Your DNA is responsible for the coffee addiction

Contributed by on August 26, 2016 at 4:09 am


Good news for everyone who cannot live without few cups of coffee every day. Science just gave you a good excuse for this addiction.
Have you ever thought why some people drink one cup of coffee per day and that is enough for them, and other prefer four or five strong espresso? Scientists have found new data, which confirms the tight DNA connection.
Last discoveries said that coffee can make an improvement of our memory, as well as lower the melanoma or sclerosis, cancer, and even diabetes type 2 risks. Some doctors believe that this beverage is good for the heart.
The connection with an addiction of coffee and the DNA was studied from the 1960s. A long time ago, in 1962, scientists have found a tight link between heredity and habit to drink strong coffee. And now they found genes that are responsible for our coffee addiction.
New article appeared in Scientific Reports this Thursday. Small group of scientists discovered variant of a gene, which limits coffee drinking.
Those who do not have PDSS2 gene variation can drink more cups of coffee than people who have. Researchers checked 1 200 Italians to prove their theory.
People with PDSS2 variation do not need so much coffee because their body has a small ability to decay caffeine. So the coffee is staying much longer in the system.
Scientists decided to replicate the experiment and took results of 1731 volunteers from Netherlands. The data was the same. However, the effect that coffee had on people was lower.
Researchers hope to confirm this new discovery by more studies.