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Will Australian government still supply the help for addicted gamblers?

Contributed by on May 5, 2016 at 7:01 am

It is the big question if counsellors will continue to help addicted people by the governmental program?

The main problem that many families do not realize in time that one of them has a big problem with gambling. This addiction can start just as a fun time, spending with family and friends. Meanwhile, many people begin to realize that there is something wrong with their close people when they received huge bills with thousand dollars missing.

Gamblers can not usually stop even in front of the law. People with addiction can break the rules, sign fake bills, take money from the job, family, etc. They can have significant loans from the bank. These consequences can  affect not only a gambler, but his or her family.

According to the last official data, in Australia, almost 160 000 people may have this addiction. Definitely, they can not deal with this problem by their own.

The first thing that professionals can do for such people is planning their budget to cut all extra expenses and to avoid the bankruptcy if it is still possible.

They have to cut their credit cards and to give all their money to their relatives that are ready to support gamblers in the hardest times.

Many of addicted people can realize that they have a problem and to try to shut down their own money accounts. However, there is a huge possibility that they will change their decision.

Such people need a constant counselling. The program can not break during the beginning of the treatment and to the end.

Many gamblers come to the counsellors only when they realize that they are broken, they can not pay bills and half of them lost their job, car, etc.

Anyway, agencies with counsellors probably will finish their work as it is still not clear whether Government will continue funding.