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Why the discovery of the galaxy Dragonfly 44 is so important

Contributed by on August 29, 2016 at 4:12 am


Scientists call the newly discovered galaxy the Dark Twin of our Milky Way. And they hope that Dragonfly 44 will help them to find the answer to the biggest mystery in the World.
This galaxy almost completely made from the dark matter. And astronomers hope to expose its secrets.
It lies almost 330 million light years far from our Planet. Dragonfly 44 is situated inside the Coma cluster group of galaxies. It looks like Milky Way by its size, but more pale. It has just one billion stars in it, and it is 1 percent from the total number of stars in Milky Way galaxy.
The 99.99 percent of the mass consists of the dark matter. And now you understand why it was called “dark twin”.
If you forgot what the dark matter is, we can shortly enlighten you that 85 of the universe consists from this invisible for us substance.
It definitely has the influence on the stars movement but was never observed directly.
Astronomers from Yale have found new galaxy from the Hawaiian Observatory names after W.M. Keck. And according to the leading researcher Pieter van Dokkum, they did not expect to find the massive galaxy completely made from the dark matter, as far as they knew only about its dwarf relatives, million times smaller than Dragonfly 44.
His colleague from the University of Columbia, Jeremiah Ostriker said that it is an amazing discovery that will give them a possibility to study dark matter closer.