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Why it is important to fund NASA

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 11:54 am

Usually, we don’t think much about work of NASA and don’t speak a lot about an exploration of Space. However, the work that NASA does usually makes our life better.
For many people, there are too many problems on Earth to care about. They don’t want to waste their money to fund NASA programs.
And they are wrong. Usually, the programs that NASA develops have a tight connection with people on Earth. In very different ways their work helps us too.
And if you still do not believe in this, read the next reasons why we should appreciate NASA’s work:
– NASA develops technologies that usually help in our daily routine. And it is not only solar panels, which are so popular nowadays but also freeze drying, memory foam, cordless vacuums and so on. After the Hubble Telescope launch we receive many new items, like algorithm to clear the picture of mammograms that allows identifying cancer easily, and so on. And we mustn’t forget about the great job that NASA do with flying garbage and asteroids that fly in the solar system and can be a real threat to us.
– NASA helps us to understand our Earth better. Scientists explore different planets, cosmic objects. It all can give more information about our Earth. NASA researches the climate change and the way to save the planet for the future.
– NASA cannot be replaced by other private companies. Usually, they are focusing on something specific and trying to make it profitable, while NASA has many projects at the same time.