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Wellness Program Launches in January to Support Global Seafarers

Contributed by on January 31, 2015 at 9:31 am

Navigation officer driving ship on the river.A new coaching and support training program, Wellness at Sea, has been unveiled in London this January through the Sailors’ Society. The program was created to support the health and wellbeing amongst the world’s seafarers.

The Sailors’ Society which operates globally, is one of the largest support charities for individuals who work at sea. The program is designed to bring knowledge to psychosocial skills such as cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, social skills and spiritual wellbeing. The five module-training program addresses the needs of seafarers with a holistic approach according to sources.

The need for the Wellness at Sea program, grew after a discussion directed by the Sailor’s Society in Hong Kong which looked at the wellbeing of sailor’s and problems correlated with shipping industry concerns.

“Fatigue, poor mental health, stress and many other issues all affect seafarers going through their daily work, and can be the difference between a safe transit and a major accident.” Stuart Rivers says, Sailors’ Society Chief Executive. “Wellness at Sea is designed to fill a vital need by recognising the importance to safety of a crew whose mental and spiritual needs are met. By choosing to be person-centred instead of problem-centred, we are focussing on people: the centre point around which the industry revolves.”

The program will be available via maritime training colleges for Cadets in China, Hong Kong, Namibia, Philippines and South Africa and the colleges will work in partnership with the Sailor’s Society. Officers will have the option to train through their in-house training programs. RightShip, Wah Kwong, Pacific Basin and Wallem are all in support of the program launch.