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Veterinarian Dating Website Filled with Animal Profiles

Contributed by on January 17, 2015 at 12:26 pm

dog holding a rose

Since March, over 3,000 individuals have joined but, according to the webmasters, it appears many profiles are for dogs, cats, raccoons, birds, and other animals. Hector Ackleberry, one of the webmasters, said a complete inventory has yet to commence. It’s not unexpected there would be profile pictures of pet lover’s and veterinarian’s animals, so the investigation will continue. is an unsophisticated website free of compatibility algorithms, unanswerable questions, and annoying pop-ups asking for money. It started as a small niche dating site. Veterinarians have reported a 3% higher success rate since joining, according to a report by the American Society of Statistics.


The animal profiles have apparently increased two-fold in the past three weeks. For example, Tacky0123 is a cute little Dijon and has been communicating with a Poodle. The two apparently met for the first time in a local dog park and hit it off right away.


Realizing their project may have had unintended consequences, the webmasters are looking into creating a new site or an offshoot. “The idea of a website for pets to meet each other is cool,” said Dr. Harry Goul, a Queens veterinarian. “I, for one, am looking for a nice animal-compassionate lady in the local area.”


“They’re all animals out there!” a woman identified only as B. said in an unrelated statement.


Webmaster Ackleberry also said that he didn’t want to incite more hatred for dating websites. Pending further review, a full disclosure of how many animals are on the site is guaranteed. He also expressed sympathy for not violating the privacy of legitimate users.