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Marriage Rates Declining for Younger Generations

Over the past several decades, marriage rates have been slowly on the decline. Now, less people are getting married, according to the Pew Research Center.

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New Study Links Divorce to Higher Heart Attack Risk

Divorcees have a higher risk of having a heart attack than those who remain happily wedded, according to a new study. But remarriage may not

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Last week, a very important estate tax repeal was underway. The bill to repeal “Death Tax”, HR 1105, was introduced to the Senate and has a great impact on family …
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Fox released an interesting news report: New Jersey is the state with the lowest divorce rate. New York Times recently wrote an article stating that divorce rates have been on …
5 Indicted in Atlantic County in a Conspiracy to Steal Millions From Seniors
Five people have been indicted in Atlantic County on charges of conspiracy and money laundering. According to the attorney general’s office, the owner of a senior care company, her sister …
Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew Dies at 91
Lee Kuan Yew has died. The former prime minister was 91 years old, and a state funeral is expected on March 29th. Yew was Singapore’s prime minister for 31 years …

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