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Top SEO Predictions for the New Year

Contributed by on January 1, 2015 at 1:29 pm

SEO for Business

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There have been many changes that have taken place over the past few years directly related to search engine optimization (SEO).  And just the same, there are many to be expected during this new year.  Here’s a quick look at the top four SEO predictions for 2015.

Social Media Continues to Grow

There’s no denying that social media is becoming more and more popular.  With more than a billion social media users already, it makes perfect sense that your SEO efforts should be focused on social media strategies. In fact, in terms of marketing channels, you should consider social media as one in itself.

Mobile Marketing

Just the same as social media, mobile traffic will continue to increase during 2015, and your marketing efforts should focus on this channel as well.  From mobile applications to mobile-friendly websites, you must seize the opportunity to create a competitive edge via mobile SEO.

Segmentation Rules

You must constantly look for ways to segment your customers, and then find ways to include these segmentations within your SEO tactics.  Take for example that you’re selling computers to a segment of customers who live in Oregon and love the color red.  An effective long-tail SEO keyword phrase would be something like “contact us if you’re looking for a red computer in Oregon.”

Quit Adding Spammy Backlinks

If you add links within your content that lead back to uncredible websites, this can lead to search engines not thinking highly of your website, which damages the ranking position of your site.  Keeping this in mind, your SEO efforts should always include the linking to reputable sites.