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The mystery between Microsoft and LinkedIn

Contributed by on June 25, 2016 at 7:04 am


The main question of this day is why Microsoft has paid so much money for the annoying almost spamming network for people who want to find job or workers.
It is hard to find somebody this day who does not know anything about the LinkedIn platform. It was made to connect businessmen with each other. And now it is usually accepted as the website that usually sends you too much spam emails.
So, it is really hard for us to imagine why such successful and well-known company as Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars.
This social network for business only was made to become the new Facebook or more. However, after it was at its peak in 2013 year, the situation was getting worse.
And while the revenues of this company were raised by 35 percent during last years, it is barely survived, comparing to the other social media platforms.
Stock experts were trying to aware everyone about the inability of LinkedIn to provide new strategies of their own growths, lack of proper experience, etc.
Still, LinkedIn has its recruiting and job market services that help the company to gain some profit and survive.
It is very perspective with its 106 million database of users. Of course, it can not be compared to 310 million users on Twitter or 1.65 billion users on Facebook.
So the main question is what will be the next move of Microsoft? Will LinkedIn be integrated into the Office or connected with Yammer? With all the tools of Microsoft, now we can even expect to see Skype integration inside the LinkedIn, to connect faster with clients.