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The historic deal between Iran and the USA

Contributed by on June 24, 2016 at 7:03 am

Iran finally has told about much-awaited deal with the USA aircraft organization. They want to buy planes from America.
The country is planning to modernize its own civilian air park using the help of the US manufacturers.
While it is already everywhere in the local press of Iran, officially this is still has to be officially announced in a few days.
Abbas Akhoundi, one of the Iranian ministers, said that the agreement was reached, and the prognosis is very positive. Both sides are satisfied with the conditions.
The new jets from the USA, with this new deal, will come to Iran at the first time since the huge quarrel between two states, after Islamic Revolution that took place there in 1979 year.
The deal probably will be about several billion dollars and 100 Boeings. And Iran Air is hoping to receive more lately.
This new agreement, if it will be signed by the both sides, will be the unique pact for both sides, as far it will be the first peaceful deal between Tehran and USA since the sanctions are no longer provided from the American side. It was moved away only half year ago after Iran has promised to stop its own nuclear program.
According to the spokesman from the Boeing Company, this program was approved by the American and Iranian leaders, and they are ready to supply Iran with the new jets for civilian use.
However, he also mentioned that they will not give any further specific details about the deal because they prefer to keep details of the agreement with all their customers private.
The Boeing manufacture let the customers reveal any details of the deal if they will wish to do that.
There are still the reasons to break the deal, as from the American side, and also from Iranian. The lawmakers from the USA can not make a deal with them in the national currency. In the same time, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says that he also does not trust to the USA.