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The biggest protected national area created by Obama

Contributed by on August 26, 2016 at 2:13 am


Current President of the US Barack Obama has a lot of plans for the future. This Friday it was announced that he wants to create the safe area for all marine life near Hawaii. It is his motherland and the land that is rich with the sea biodiversity.
He plants to extend the territory that belongs to the protected national monument near the coast of Hawaii by 582,578 square miles at the sea, and on the land as well.
An original national monument was founded by George W. Bush almost ten years ago. It is called Papahānaumokuākea. Obama is going to increase this territory in four times. This will help to save the environment, to stop the climate change, at least on this territory. President has made these problems the main priority for his second term as the head of the state.
And using the Act for Antiquities published in 1906, Obama has already saved 548 million acres of federal water recourses and lands. It is twice more than any other presidents that led the USA.
New discoveries in the deepwater near Hawaii give the reasons to protect these lands carefully, as far as this is biologically very rich territory with the unique fauna and flora.
Senator Brian Schatz said that they have to protect oceans, in order to save the climate from negative changes.
At the land protected by Obama law will be prohibited all commercial activity, including fishing and sea mining. Still, recreational fishing is allowed.
Obama by himself will travel to the Midway Atoll, the territory at the protected area.