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Tampa Small Business Owner Charged for Sparking New Google Algorithm Rumors

Contributed by on January 28, 2015 at 4:18 am

penguin 2.0 and pandaTampa, FL – January 28, 2015 –– Terry Erguson, owner of a small boutique social media firm in Tampa, was charged by Hillsborough County law enforcement Monday for inciting rumors Google was about to launch the biggest algorithm update of them all. A Tweet sent out by SocialOptimizers, LLC said, “4get Penguin/Panda. No strategy will get u on 1st page by tomorrow.”


The exact charges against Erguson were unknown. A security guard present at the hearing was cornered by reporters. He said it had something to do with inciting panic or something – Some kind of new social law against talking jive about Google.


Law enforcement was not returning calls. According to an email sent by the firm, it suggested Google had been working on an algorithm that would de-rank any sensible language that promoted anything, made sense, or had anything to do with the webmaster’s business. That was just Phase 1. As for Phase 2, a riddle and a treasure map were found purportedly pointed to a purposeful place in PinellasCounty.


The American Society of Statistics said in a recent report that small businesses were relying on services such as SocialOptimizers more than ever before. It detailed several instances of social media and SEO companies providing their own branded advice. “This is advisable in an evolving market as firms build their reputations. There, however, needs to be a governance protocol to identify when one such entity crosses the line,” a citation from an unknown expert in chapter 9, section 4, page 16, paragraph 3.


Terry Erguson, as reported by local news agencies just minutes ago, has been banned from using the Internet for three days. “She may not survive the night,” a close friend was overheard saying.

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