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Strategy and Tactics: Adapting to Changes in Search Algorithms

Contributed by on January 4, 2015 at 12:23 am

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Strategy is the overall plan, tactics are how you adapt to any given situation. Strategy is: you want to start a book publishing business. Tactics are: search for talented writers and editors and web developers, and make some deals with print shops.

It’s big picture vs. little picture. When Google changes their algorithms, when they switch up their rules, it can throw you for a loop, but if you have a solid strategy to lean on when this happens, you may find it quite easy to adapt. Here are three core tips to maintaining your SEO strategy in turbulent times:

Prioritize Quality Content

How much money are you really saving when you pay a writer a half a penny a word to stuff your content with key phrases, if you have to pay someone else to write all of your content all over again when Google changes their rules? Quality content, content that people share because it’s useful and interesting will never be undone by a change in Google’s algorithm.

Stay on Message

You’re here to build something bigger than the content itself. When you stay on message, your brand remains strong regardless of the new rules Google puts into play.

Expand Your Content

If you over video content, a podcast, email campaigns and so on, then even if you wind up having to pull your SEO for reworking, you’ll still have some real content out there to get people interested.

The bottom line is that we all have to adapt to the times, but that good content and a solid strategy will tend to cut through any changes Google can throw at you.