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Sky rail in Melbourne is a dream came true

Contributed by on April 7, 2016 at 6:48 am

At first, there was an idea. Two months later it is already a ready to go sky rail.

After more than two years there will be no troubles for Dandenong line. At least, that is what sky rail fans are hoping for.

Melbourne has nine sets of boom gates that are overworking. They are extremely busy as far as they are situated at the busiest city rail line. For years, the problem is still there.

City council tried their best to solve the problem. However, it was still on. Probably, until now. The south-east area of Melbourne was the worst nightmare for the city traffic.

Now all contracts are signed. And in 2018 year the probable will disappear.

Some citizens believe that the solution was found just right for the next city election. The government did not have to give more trains or to shut the busiest roads during the day. The trains will not be overcrowded any more. Some people were left at the station because they could not go inside the trains.

Andrews government did not accept the idea or sky rail as easy as we can think. It was a hard decision too.

The city government was afraid to tell the whole idea to the society, till it was impossible to turn back this plan. Why did they do that? The benefits of a new plan with sky rail included are still discussing by public. Traditional city transport may be more trustable for many, however, it can not do all job.

Meanwhile, we already know who will not be heavy with a new sky rail. That probably will be the citizens of the suburban area of south-east Melbourne. They will receive huge stone structure in front of their homes, instead of a nice view.