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Sebastian Vettel: “I would Like to scream”

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Sebastian Vettel (Photo Courtesy AP)

As Jenson Button raised the winner’s trophy in jubilation on the podium in Montreal, the camera’s flashed a glimpse of Sebastian Vettel on the other side.  The disappointment was written all accross the face of the Formula 1 world champion after a rare mistake cost him the victory in the Grand Prix of Canada. “It annoys me, I would like to scream” Vettel would later describe his feelings.

Until the last round the 23-year-old Red-Bull Pilot led the spectacular race that had to be halted because of torrential rains for two hours.   But a mistake would cost him a win in the seventh race of the season.

Above all, the final stage was not for the faint of heart, as Button charged  round after round.  In the end, perhaps Vettel drove too cautious.   “Then I saw Jenson come.   It’s not a nice feeling to see him closing in.”

Vettel was especially frustrated by the six Safty car phases, which benefited only Button and Co..   The crucial mistake was described by Vettel like this:  “Jenson had been giving me extreme pressure.   There was only a small amount of dry track, I had briefly locked the rear wheels, and drifted a little too far to the right and immediately hit a bit of damp road or ground caught my right rear allowing Button to pass.   Fortunately, I saved second place. ”

Vettel is also among the winners

The race in Montreal has shown that Vettel is vulnerable, despite his dominance up until now.   He was able to fend off the challengers in Barcelona and Monaco and the attacks of the competition.   But in effect, Vettel was among the winners. With the loss of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, he leads the standings with now 60 points ahead of Button.

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