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Scientists named the most dangerous months for your marriage

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 9:05 am

If it was started with the chemistry, science can save everything now as well. There are some months that are dangerous for your marriage, according to the new research.
The most inappropriate time to make silly jokes, disappear or somehow hurt your spouse can happen twice in a year.
Scientists have studied divorce filing in the Washington during 14 years and found out that most of them were made in August or March.
Researchers believe that probably couples are trying to solve their problems in marriage during the holidays in winter or summer. And, apparently, not all of them can start from the new list.
Julie Brines, the co-author of the work and the professor of sociology at the Washington University, says that people hope to improve relations on holidays, and forget all the previous disappointments.
And if holidays did not help them to save the marriage, people begin to take a big step to the divorce.
Researchers have checked filings for divorce in Washington from 2001 to 2015. They have to exclude from the experiment two small counties in the state which allow people to send divorce papers by mail.
They discovered that between December of the previous year and March of the next, there was an increase in 33 percent of divorce filings.
According to researchers, even if people have already decided to get a divorce, they still need few months to prepare all documents or to finally get all the courage for such a big step.