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Scientists have returned home after 365 days of isolation on Mars simulation

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They have spent 365 days sitting in the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, and pretending it was Mars. Astronauts finally left their solitude and finished the project.
Living at the imitation of Mars they were able to test the real situation in the nearest future.
Six explorers had the similar to Mars environment 2,500 meters higher sea level, where they lived during 365 days.
It was the longest experiment that was ever made to understand the needs of the crew on Mars.
The real journey on Mars will last for more than a half of the year, and astronauts will have to coexist together in a small claustrophobic space.
The architect of the crew, Tristan Bassingthwaighte believes that it is the super important research when the NASA will pick astronauts and see how they will get along with each other. He thinks that human factor is very important for the future research of other planets.
The main investigator of this project, Kim Binsted says that they are proud to help NASA, and fix all the gaps that pay appear during the long-term expedition.
The interest in the red planet is very high nowadays. Partly it is because of “The Martian” movie, partly thanks to Elong Musk and his SpaceX project that has the plan to launch the first mission with cosmonauts on board by 2024 year.
This experiment of the Hawaii University was sponsored by NASA and is the third in a row. Before this experiment, researchers simulated 4 and 8 months mission on Mars.
Previous researches were made in Antarctica by Space Agency of Europe and in Moscow. Scientists have already tested the ability of normal sleeping and possibility of different psychological traumas.