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New 4D printer with the shape-memory for objects is revolutionary

With 3D printer, scientists have created flexible objects that can save their shapes by remembering it. It is called 4D printing. It is polymers that

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Scientists have returned home after 365 days of isolation on Mars simulation

They have spent 365 days sitting in the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, and pretending it was Mars. Astronauts finally left their solitude and finished the

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Why the discovery of the galaxy Dragonfly 44 is so important
Scientists call the newly discovered galaxy the Dark Twin of our Milky Way. And they hope that Dragonfly 44 will help them to find the answer to the biggest mystery …
Climate Change through politicians eyes
During the primaries time, both leading candidates are talking about climate change problems. If for Mrs. Clinton climate change is the global question of the first importance, Mr. Trump believes …
Scientists from Harvard made the first autonomous robot octopus
An octobot is a new robot, inspired by the shape of octopus. Harvard researchers believe that this new invention will open the new possibilities in the robotic science. They made a …
Buy your own Dodo skeleton at the auction
It is not a joke. All fans of history and biology or just passionate collectors of unique rare things can finally receive something really valuable to their collections. If you are …
The biggest protected national area created by Obama
Current President of the US Barack Obama has a lot of plans for the future. This Friday it was announced that he wants to create the safe area for all …
Why it is important to fund NASA
Usually, we don’t think much about work of NASA and don’t speak a lot about an exploration of Space. However, the work that NASA does usually makes our life better. For …
Proxima b may be the closest inhabited planet to the Earth
Are we alone living creature in the Universe? The truth is, we don’t know it for sure. And a new research that has found another exoplanet, closest to us in …
Humans change climate since the early 1800s
And, probably, it is not the exact picture. Scientists can operate with these dates only because they have found the first notes about anthropogenic (human-made) climate change. The problem of climate …

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