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Say goodbye to potential eight types of cancer with new exercises

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 7:13 am

If you want to lower the risks for 8 types of cancer, you must turn back to the active physical exercises. At least, that is what new research from the international cancer study group says.
So, which cancer you may escape by making daily exercises? Scientists name ovary, gallbladder, stomach, liver, pancreas and also thyroid. Plus, they add meningioma and myeloma. The first one is the name for brain cancer, and as for the second one, it is cancer of blood.
The previous review was made by the IARC representatives, the part of World Health Organization. This organization earlier has found that staying in shape can cut the risks of five other cancer types, as breast cancer, colon, kidney, uterus and esophagus cancer.
According to Doctor Graham Colditz, the main researcher from IARC group, this new data may prove that obesity is one of the main reasons that can cause cancer. He concludes that with all these facts, the best option to prevent cancer is to make physical exercises and avoid unhealthy food.
However, the head of American Society of Clinical Oncology, Doctor Clifford Hudis says that it is not the proven fact.
He declines that obesity can cause cancer. He also adds that obesity can cause a lot of different illnesses. However, there is no guarantee that people with obesity will suffer from cancer and slim people will not be in the risk zone.
The data that IARC gathered includes 1000 studies of obese people from across the world.