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S. Korea, China vow to denuclearize Korean Peninsula

Contributed by on September 5, 2015 at 11:50 am

A report by China’s official Xinhua news service on the Xi-Park meeting said the two leaders vowed to boost co-operation, but it did not refer to an agreement on a three-way meeting with Mr Abe.

“If the South Korean authorities persist in… peddling the internal issues of the nation overseas, North-South relations will slip back into the evil cycle of confrontation”, the spokesman said. One of South Korea’s main strategic rationales for pursuing normalization of diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1992 was that a stronger relationship with Beijing would complement South Korean efforts to improve relations with Pyongyang, a policy formulated by Park’s predecessor Roh Tae-woo known as Nordpolitik.

South Korea on Wednesday accused North Korea of flying a suspected spy drone across the border during talks last week aimed at ending a military standoff that had pushed the neighbours to the brink of an armed clash. North Korean representative Choe Ryong-hae, a secretary of the Workers’ Party – who happened to sit at the end of the first row – was hardly visible, as if to testify to the current status of the Seoul-Beijing and Pyongyang-Beijing relations. If a summit is held with the leaders of all three countries, however, Park will be able to engage in summit diplomacy with Japan as well while adhering to her stance of not holding a separate bilateral summit with Japan. He even had a private luncheon with her. Jin: Aside from Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Park was the most important world leader to attend the event. Park, Xi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have never met together.

Earlier in the day, the North had issued an official statement distancing itself from any apology for landmine blasts that left two South Korean soldiers seriously wounded last month.

President Park will visit the United States in mid-October to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Park expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government as it has helped preserve the building and other sites related to Korea’s independence movement against Japan.

Recently, South Korea and China have appeared to move closer.

China is willing to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the ROK in various fields as partners for common development, regional peace, the revitalization of Asia, and world prosperity, he said.

In choosing to attend the 70th anniversary ceremony in Beijing, President Park apparently took into account not only South Korea’s economic circumstances – the volume of its trade with China surpasses that of its combined trade with Japan and the United States – but also such historical perceptions. “We look at China to play an active role in peace and unification on the Korean peninsula”.

South Korea’s Park eyes summit with China, Japan after Kim showdown