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Retired Canadians are worried about their future

Contributed by on April 25, 2016 at 6:58 am

According to the recent research Canadians afraid to enjoy their retirement because of the unstable economy situation.

The new survey says that 80 percent of retirees feel that retirement was a good decision and like to be out of work. However, it also shows that 37 percent of retirees can not do everything they wanted or planned to do. 59 percent afraid that their retirement fund will be broken very soon.

Young people imagine retirement as something that will be better spend to enjoy life, to do everything that you wanted but never had time. Some people want to spend more time with family, some to be actively involved with charity projects, some want to write a book, go travel. It had to be the whole new chapter of life without obligations and daily routine. It had to be a time to reveal the passions that you had.

Retirees don’t have to feel any stress.

The research that was organized by Investors Group showed that almost all retirees enjoy their rest.  80 percent of researched group said that their expectations came true.

Ninety percent can have more time with their families and friends. Eighty percent received a time for their hobbies.

According to Tim Cottee, the Vice President in Investors Group, there is always a risk of overspending. However, if retirees will afraid to spend enough money for their own needs they may waste their free time by underlining. They will not travel, will not eat what they want, and do what they want because of the fear for their future.

People worry about their own money and not sure if the retirement fund will cover their expenses during all their life.

According to Cottee people should not make any sacrifices to their future. However, they have to make a plan for the retirement.