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Renewable energy can provide working places for dozen of thousand people

Contributed by on June 23, 2016 at 7:01 am

According to the new plans of Climate Council in Australia, if they will reach their main target of 50 percent for renewable energy, they will be able to create 28 000 new jobs.
If the goal will be achieved by 2030 year, and the renewable energy will have its 50 percent, it would create so much working place that this industry would become leaders among other employers.
The current target is only 34 percent, which is not so big number, comparing to their goal. Amanda McKenzie, the CEO of Council made a report of the new economic model that organization recently made.
According to her, the new strategy would be the best option not only for saving our climate but also to the people who need jobs to fee families.
She mentioned that these statistics was modeled by counting every area of Australia. It was made by the Ernst and Young analysts.
Amanda McKenzie said that Australia is the perfect place to start renewable energy project. It is windy and sunny and has all resources to support the entire continent with its own power taken from nature without making any harm to it.
However, she also admitted that the Latrobe Valley and Hunter Valley will be hard to persuade to make a complete transition from a coal to renewable energy as far as they are very dependent on it. The coal industry is one of the main resources of their income.
Amanda mentioned the solar PV at the rooftops that are already widespread across Australia and provides many jobs for Australians. And there are some jobs at the plants of renewable energy in rural and regional territory that give us hope about further tighter communication between Australians and Clean Energy Council.