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Paris city against Fox News

Contributed by on January 21, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Armed Woman Terrorist

The armed Arabian woman terrorist against old wall studio photo shooting

Since the terrorist attacks on Paris  took place, news reporting has been very sensitive when approaching  the topic, but Fox News’ coverage on the subject went too far.

Fox has been accused of frightening their audience about Islamic radicals in European cities. It started with a public display of “no-go zones” maps, claiming that Islamic law is active in those zones and there are no police officers or fire departments allowed in those areas.

One of the popular hosts on Fox channel, Sean Hannity said: “They have no-go zones, If you’re non-Muslim, you’re not allowed. Not police, not even fire department if there’s a fire. Sharia courts have been allowed to be established. Prayer rugs in just about every hotel.”

It continued with a-live interview with Steve Emerson, a terrorism expert, where he stated that these are more than just zones, these are actual cities where non-Muslim are not allowed to be.

All of this prompted Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, to sue Rupert Murdoch’s, Fox News. According to Hidalgo, the city’s honor was prejudiced and all claims about “no-go zones” have been falsely declared.

Shortly after, Fox issued apologetic statements, suggesting that there are no such zones in Europe and they addressed it to all whom have been offended by Fox channel, including people of France and England.

However, Hidalgo seems not to be impressed by Fox’s apologies, and it’s still not clear when Paris might sue Fox, which is a division of Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.

But Hidalgo may not have an easy case on her hands, because by opinion of legal experts on this subject, it will face a difficult legal fight, since media in the Unites States is strongly protected against defamation and libel claims.