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Jacob Maslow, Editor and Publisher, 2011 – Present – View Stories by Jacob Maslow
[email protected] or [email protected]

Twitter: @jakemaslow

The Editor of Rapid News Network is Mr. Jacob Maslow. A native New Yorker, he spent the first part of his career as a Payroll Manager but  later turned his attention to his true passion, internet marketing and writing. Now married with five children, Jacob works from his home in Beit Shemesh, Israel. Jacob is married with five children


Ben Myers, Finance Editor, 2014 to Present  –  View Stories by Ben Myers
[email protected]

Twitter: @benmyers19

With over 20 years’ experience in the heart of the investment industry, Ben Myers has become one of the most respected commentators in the financial world. Having worked for global institutions such as HSBC and Bank of Ireland, Ben ran his own successful investment company in the UK before becoming chief analyst at ECMarkets and now YesOption.  Ben remains a keen forex and binary options trader and is a regular featured analyst for a number of online news portals including, and was responsible  for YesOption winning the Best Technical Analysis Award 2014 from

Gene Eugenio, Contributing Writer, 2013 to Present – View Stories by Gene
[email protected]

Twitter: @MCEDotCom

Mr. Eugenio graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in History. He has written extensively on financial markets ranging from gold IRA issues to commodities to tech stocks and all points in between. A veteran of the first Dot Com boom, Gene has headed venture- and angel-funded technology and media startup companies so he definitely has more than his fair share of market, technology, and finance expertise. Ever since moving to Asia, Gene has focused on assisting Internet businesses with compelling original content as well as outsourced social media outreach.

Mimi Cowan, Contributing Writer,2013 to Present- View Stories by Mimi
[email protected]

Twitter:@ HistoryMimi

Ms. Mimi Cowan is a professional writer and social media expert, currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. She also teaches courses in Urban Studies and American History at Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, Illinois). Ms. Cowan has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Theater, a Master’s degree with First Class Honours from the National University of Ireland Galway, and is finishing her doctoral dissertation, “Immigrants, Nativists, and the Making of Modern Chicago,” in History at Boston College.

Andrew Scott, Humor Writer, 2014 to Present–  – View Stories by Andrew

[email protected]

Andrew Scott is the Editor and Publisher of Embellished 1 News.

Embellished-1 News was started in the Spring of 1996. Its mission is to capture the essence of a news periodical and transform that concept into an all out hilarious experience. It has maintained that stance over the years and in its effort to become a regularly incremented piece of work will continue and build on both its originally intended concept and evolving standards as they arise. Mr Scott contributes regularly to numerous web sites.




Cooper Atkins, Editor, 2010 –  – View Stories by Cooper
[email protected]

The Editor of Rapid News Network is Mr. Cooper Atkins. He graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Oregon in 1990. He spent the first part of his career as a professor in the field but later turned his attention to his true passion, writing. Now married with two children, Cooper works from his home in Bend, Oregon where he lives with his wife of 12 years, Annette.

George Crompton, Associate Editor, 2011-2013 – View Stories by George
[email protected]

George is the Associate Editor of Rapid News Network. For many years after graduation from Rutgers University, George focused his talents on fiction writing but later turned his attention to journalism where he brings nearly 8 years of editorial talent to our team.

Lorraine Reed, Contributing Writer,2011-2013- View Stories by Lorraine
[email protected]

Lorraine’s journalistic career spans many types of news including both local and national writing experience. Now a resident of Rochester, New York, Lorraine makes a home with her husband Edward and their three children.

Gerda Thorsen, Contributing Writer 2011-2013 – View Stories by Gerda
[email protected]

Gerda is a veteran news reporter with a varied media background that stretches nearly 11 years. In particular, she brings strengths in writing and content creation that adds great depth to our organization.

Coby Kristoffersen, Contributing Writer, 2011- 2013- View Stories by Coby
[email protected]

Coby hails from Australia where he had a successful career as an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Because of this, he brings a “real world” perspective to his stories that our readers truly enjoy.

Bailey Schofield, Contributing Writer, 2011-2013- View Stories by Bailey
[email protected]

Another import to our writing team is Bailey Schofield who comes to us by way of Ireland. Bailey arrived stateside in her early 20s and began her writing career covering entertainment news. Today she lives in Gurnee, Illinois with her two cats and one dog.

Patrizio Ferri, Contributing Writer,2011 – 2013- View Stories by Patrizio
[email protected]

Patrizio’s background in engineering led him towards writing about technology early in his career. As he’s grown older, his choice of subject matter has branched out but at his core, Patrizio is a tech geek at heart.

Michito Yasuda, 2011-2013, Contributing Writer – View Stories by Valentino
[email protected]

Michito is a Southern California native and bona fide beach lover. When not spending time surfing, Michito enjoys writing about a variety of topics other than those related to his degree in Finance from the University of Southern California.

Austin Cunningham, Contributing Writer, 2011-2013 – View Stories by Austin
[email protected]

A recent graduate from Indiana University, Austin received a degree in History with a minor in Business. He currently resides in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Hannah Thompson, Contributing Writer, 2011-2013 – View Stories by Hannah
[email protected]

Hannah is the youngest writer on our staff and, like Austin, is a recent college graduate. She has also recently gotten engaged to her college sweetheart, Darren, and the two plan to wed within the next year.

Dan R, Contributing Writer, 2011-2013 – View Stories by Dan R

Dan worked as a freelance writer for more than 15 years. During this time, he has written for publications such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, BusinessWeek Online, Business 2.0 Magazine, Phoenix Magazine and more than a dozen trade magazines.  Dan is also the editor of Midwest Real Estate News, a trade magazine serving commercial real estate professionals.