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Onslaught of Stimuli Kicking the World into Overdrive

Contributed by on January 25, 2015 at 4:08 am

tired from shoppingShanghai – January 25, 2015 – The world is seeing a record number of economic stimuli, the Non-Associated Press has reported, causing what may become the economic equivalent of a cocaine overdose. For instance, the European Central Bank recently announced a humungous stimulus package. It was met with a lot of talk about currency devaluation and metals. Experts at the recent World Stimuli Forum were at odds about whether all the stimuli were so necessary.


The U.S. economy has recovered somewhat from the Great Recession. Nobody’s every happy though. Currencies around the world are always in flux. Whether they go up or down, one thing’s for sure everything will continue to get more expensive.


Slowing economic growth in China is sparking discussions about whether their Board of Economic Elders will create a stimulus of all stimuli.


A rundown of little know global stimuli will help to make the patterns a bit clearer. The government of Nuuk, Greenland just last week announced a $44,000 USD stimulus to help sea lions combat depression in the wake of sea level rise.


On Thursday, Belgium launched a stimulus to boost the libido of government tax officials. The purported idea is to spur them to come up with new taxation ideas.


The president of a prominent hydraulic fracturing firm, with government ties in the U.S., proposed a stimulus just because he loves fracking so much.


As is evident, there is an onslaught of stimuli around the world. Where it stops nobody knows.

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