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Older people are happier

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 8:07 am

It is the paradox of the Universe. The older you become, the happier you feel yourself.
And it is one of the main mysteries. Even though the health is getting worse and cognitive abilities getting down. It will be hard to learn something new and to keep fresh memories in head.
However, new data suggests that despite all the bad sides of aging, mental health, that includes daily mood, stress handling, and the feeling of well-being will be improved constantly until the end.
Researchers include in the survey almost 1 500 residents of San Diego. Their age ranks from 21 to 99 years old.
And it appeared that young people in 20s are the most depressed, and stressed audience, while people in 90s relaxed and even happiest.
All people who took part in the survey did not win the lottery at the old age or suffered from very stressful situations.
Scientists have found the tight connection between mental health and age.
Dilip Jeste, the main author of the study, head of the Healthy Aging Center in San Diego says that researchers were amazed by results. Older people were happier and satisfied with their lives. Younger participants were angrier and depressed.
Psychologists have already called this phenomenon as the benefits of aging.
Laura Carstensen, the scientist from the Stanford Center says that it is aging paradox. She is amazed by the ability of our brain to stay positive, while the body experience different losses with the age.
She believes that with age people change their goals in life, understanding that their life will not last forever.