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Oklahoma Optometrist Using Adwords to Interview Receptionists

Contributed by on January 30, 2015 at 4:18 am

adwords - search engine marketingTulsa, Oklahoma – January 28, 2015 – A Tulsa optometrist, who recently established the first homepage-based interview platform for the optometry profession, is using Adwords clues, hints, allusions, and quizzes during interviews of potential receptionist candidates. Trisha McPherson, 44, reportedly obtains daily updates for campaign-based keywords. The idea, according to McPherson, is the reception desk becomes an “interesting place for conversation”.


“Keyword talk has not evolved much beyond private domains. I want to bring into the limelight,” she said. According to a document labeled “Manifest”, repeating the Adword of the day would a) get customers to call, b)make them come back over and over, and frequently, c)bring in free lunches, or d)none of the above.


“Strangely,” an adjunct investigative reporter noted, “The document was structured like the plan for a standardized test.


A hidden microphone captured an awkward moment between McPherson and a candidate. “What’s the hidden word? Come on, tell me.” As the conversation ended, the job applicant could be heard leaving as footsteps got progressively lower and lower, and a door slammed.


Asking for search engine results is one thing, an on-call analyst noted, but requiring a professional whose work does not involve direct access to Adword sites is a bit odd. Unless she has a telepathic connection to the platform, the job is dead in the water.


To top it off, according to local sources, WupDeDoo Optometry has not had Internet access in months.

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