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New storm can spread Zika

Contributed by on August 26, 2016 at 5:07 am


People in the Southwestern part of Florida are trying to prepare for the tropical storm that may bring Zika virus. There is the huge possibility that together with rain and strong winds it will bring more mosquitoes, which are responsible for Zika virus.
Scientists believe that it is possible. The tropical storm can raise the cases of Zika.
When some people are ready to pack their bags and move to another State, other, like Kathleen Balota, for example, prepares to fight with nature. She says that if they will see that storm is coming closer, everyone will hide and wait till it passes away.
Another Florida resident, Danielle McGuire is afraid of Zika virus. She believes that the rain will attract mosquitoes as usual. She is a mother of the one-year-old child, and she believes that the standing water can be the reason of extent breeding of mosquitoes. It will raise the risks for Zika.
She thinks that this storm can be a threat to their future plans of having another baby.
Scientists believe that infected insects can come with the rain and winds. They confirm that the standing water can increase the possibility to get Zika virus spreading.
Kathleen hopes that government will save the situation, by doing the pest control.
However, spraying of insecticide will be canceled if there will be a huge storm. And the rain can also wash away all the treatment that the local authorities made to prevent Zika cases.
People are ready to hide and buy a lot of mosquito repellent.