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New Jersey Has the Lowest Divorce Rate

Contributed by on March 31, 2015 at 1:13 pm

parents swearing in front of childFox released an interesting news report: New Jersey is the state with the lowest divorce rate. New York Times recently wrote an article stating that divorce rates have been on the decline since the 70s and 80s when they reached their peak. The downward trend will lead to less than 1/3 of all married couples seeking divorce.

Statistics gathered from the 2013 American Community Survey were evaluated by FindTheHome.

New Jersey ranks the lowest in terms of divorce with only 8.5% of marriages ending in divorce in the state. New Jersey has a population of 8.8 million. Other northeast states were also on the list. New York ranked right behind New Jersey at #2 with just 8.6% of the population getting divorced. Pennsylvania ranked #5, Massachusetts ranked #8 and Connecticut ranked #18 on the list, with 10.6% of marriages ending in divorce.

For many people, this shouldn’t be surprising news. New Jersey has had the lowest divorce rate in the nation since 2011.

Why does the state have lower divorce rates? Local divorce attorneys believe that the higher level of education and wealth play a big role in the state’s low divorce rate. For many couples, financial difficulty is a major reason for divorce.

Another major reason for the low divorce rate comes with age. When people are married at an older age, as seen in the Garden State, they tend to remain married for longer. Many people in the state wait until they have completed college or graduate school before they get married. This is said to play a major role in the state’s low divorce rate.

A professor at Johns Hopkins, Andrew J. Cherlin, also believes that the northeast has a lower divorce rate in general due to higher education and people marrying at an older age.