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New complication on the road of new trolleys

Contributed by on March 27, 2016 at 6:47 am

New streetcars were promised to the Toronto citizens a month ago. And now the new barrier appeared on their way.

The delayed trolleys will have to make a deal with another obstacle.

Brad Ross, the spokesman in the Transit Commission in Toronto officially announced in March that the agency will receive four new trolleys from April.

Another colleague, Andy Byford, the CEO of Commission is not so optimistic at his prognosis. He revealed the report that breaks the previous announcement.

According to Byford’s report, Bombardier, the company that has promised supply the city with new vehicles, will not be able to give Toronto new trolley each month, as they told before.

Byford told that new CEO at the company that produces streetcars revealed that Bombardier has a contract to make 204 new trolleys till 2019 year. They can not be in time with their previous dates.

The new letter was sent last night on Thursday. Byford recommends to change the time of waiting for the new trolleys. He met with Bombardier’s CEO and they discussed the new timeline for trolleys. There will be delayed during few more days.

Toronto has 17 new trolleys already. They can be seen on Harbourfront and Spadina lines.

The city ordered 73 trolleys few years ago. They had to change old streetcars and to support citizens with extra city transport. They were designed with a low-floor that would make transportation for many people easier. All trolleys should be on the road a year ago.

After the conversation with their supplier Bombardier, TTC decided to re-watch the graphic of trolley delivery.

Meanwhile, another question is the quality of these trolleys that were already sent to the TTC. Many of them will be sent back after the inspectors found that they were made without meeting standards.