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New 4D printer with the shape-memory for objects is revolutionary

Contributed by on August 29, 2016 at 6:07 am


With 3D printer, scientists have created flexible objects that can save their shapes by remembering it. It is called 4D printing. It is polymers that can remember its shape.
This creation will help in the aerospace field and probably will develop solar energy industry.
We all know the principles of 3D printer work. Layer by layer it creates the object that after it will be limited by the shape and design. Though we can make a lot of different things with the 3D printer, they all will be stuck in one form.
The new 4D printing is able to make objects that will change the shape. It will be very useful in many scientific fields.
According to researchers from the Singapore University and MIT, these new methods will allow printed object to change its shape with a slight stimulation with electricity or heat, or light.
The new changes will be made by using the shape-memory polymers, a special material that can recreate its own original shape after it was changed.
During their common researchers, scientists created the replica of Eiffel Tower, using the polymers. They ruined it, and then turning the heat on, Eiffel Tour renewed its own shape.
Scientists have used the method of microstereolithography which gave them an ability to produce very small objects, with the width of the hair. This method is not new. However, using another approach they outstripped all previous attempts that were made with this kind of printing.