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Milk packaging will be our new future

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 10:52 am


Can you imagine that in the nearest future you will be able to eat your food with the package? And, according to the new study, this will be possible in three years from now.
According to the Department of Agriculture researchers, you will be able to eat and your food and its wrappers, and your body will be only healthier. In the same time, the quality of food will become better because of the new technology.
Representatives of the Agricultural Department do not waste their time on the empty promises and are hardly working on the creation of the packaging for our food made from the protein.
The material that they are going to gather from milk will replace the plastic cover that is used for such products like cheese or steaks in every supermarket or grocery store.
So, this change will be able to help our environment while keeping the products fresher and healthier.
Casein, which will bond products tightly, will keep them fresh in 500 times effectively than plastic film. Oxygen will not reach the food.
Researchers believe that the new package not only better for the food and our Earth but will be tasty and can be eaten.
According to the co-author of the new study, Doctor Laetitia Bonnaillie, the new packaging will appear in the stores in three years. She says that there are a lot of options for the product wrapping, and scientists want to test them all. The main task, for now, is to remove food from plastic.