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McDonald’s received a good profit from new menu

Contributed by on March 18, 2016 at 6:46 am

The new deal attracts more customers across America that it was expected. McDonald’s offers breakfasts all day long and new benefits.

On Friday, the share of McDonald’s rose on 2.4 percent and became $128.80.

During less than 13 months, the share from McDonald’s sales rose at 5.4 percent during the single quarter. The economists expected to receive 4.6 in general. However, the numbers increased after numerous promo offerings from McDonald’s.

Breakfast during all day started as a program in the chain of restaurants in October. It was led by a new head, Easterbrook Steve. It faster became a real hit among the customers who were searching a cheaper proposition in McDonald’s.

The promo proposition McPick 2, when customers could pick up two dishes from the menu with Big Mac and Cheese Quarter Pounder just for five dollars was very successful.

Breakfast menu all day brought many new customers to McDonald’s chain. It raised a number of non-breakfast orders.

To the end of March it finished the quarter period with the profit of over 35 percent. It became $1.1 billion. It is almost $1.23 per share.

The CEO of McDonald’s Steve Easterbrook, said that he was really glad to that their new strategy is working and bringing success to the whole corporation.

Many analysts have already lost an attention for McDonald’s after it failed with changing into new tastes.

The restaurant is working hard to fix the situation and to receive new customers. They bring new experiments with Big Mac, adding bigger beef patties.

The competition in the fast food business is very hard. The Burger King, Starbucks, Wendy’s, and others are ready to take away McDonald’s customers and offer them something new for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well, as far as the last strategy is working, McDonald’s remain the biggest and famous fast-food corporations.