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Maria Sharapova has a good chance for the victory

Contributed by on January 22, 2015 at 5:06 pm

Tennis Chick

Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova seems to have a good chance of winning a second Australian Open championship.

This Wednesday she won the first match point by launching her body into a series of amazing shots. She was up against Alexandra Panova, who has a world rank qualification of 150. It seemed like an easy win, Panova kept hitting the sidelines, but  Sharapova broke her serve on a second break point and won with the score of 6-1, 4-6, 7-5.

After the game, in her interview Sharapova said: “I think I was dwelling too much on my mistakes, what I was doing wrong, not really being in the present, something that I’m really usually good at. I just really tried to take it a point at a time, think positively and change my thought process a little bit. Yet there are always girls coming up that are rising, doing well. But I don’t think the focus is really on the other side. I think especially after today’s match, I really just want to focus on what I have to do.”

Now Sharapova will not face an opponent ranked in the top 20 until the quarterfinals of the championship, this is of course if she continues to win.

If she makes to the finals she could face worlds famous tennis champion, Serena Williams. Williams is a five time Australian winner, but she has not won the title in Melbourne in the last five years. Neither American candidate is in good form, so it appears that Sharapova has a good chance for the victory.