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Legendary Singer Joni Mitchell Hospitalized in LA

Contributed by on April 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Legendary singer Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized in Los Angeles after being found unconscious in her home. A note on the singer’s website confirms the news and states that Mitchell did regain consciousness during the ambulance ride to the hospital. Mitchell is currently in the hospital’s intensive care unit and undergoing tests. The website note states that the singer is “awake and in good spirits”.

Sources told Leslie Stojsic, CBS News producer, that Mitchell was hospitalized due to a minor medical emergency. Paramedics were called to the singer’s home around 2:30 pm yesterday. Mitchell reportedly regained consciousness in the ambulance. No word on what caused the singer’s condition, but sources say the situation is “quite serious”.

Mitchell has been plagued by a variety of illnesses over the years. The 71-year-old singer recently told New York that she has been battling Morgellons for eight years. Mitchell reported to the Toronto Star that the illness weakens her immune system. The singer has said that throughout her lifetime, she’s suffered from scarlet fever, polio, abscessed ovaries and dengue.

The folk singer has retired from performing live after completing her final tour in 2000. Some of Mitchell’s most famous songs include “Help Me,” “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Free Man in Paris”.