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Latest on Boston trial: Defense says finger photo ‘immature’

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“In the months before the bombings, it was Tamerlan who became obsessed with jihad, spending hours on his computer”. And when he did, he was all in.’’. But she is expected to build a narrative showing her client as a puppet of his dominant older brother.

Defense attorney Judy Clarke, center, arrives at federal court, …

The attempts of the Boston Marathon bomber’s lawyer to keep Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from receiving the death penalty may be received by many as unjust and disrespectful to those he killed and harmed during the horrific events of 2013’s Boston Marathon, but in the end make quite a bit of sense.It is not that the man does not deserved be punished for what he has done, but executing him would be both punishing him in the wrong way overall and also turn out to be a fruitless effort in the end. Tsarnaev’s parents had divorced and moved back to Russia, leaving Tamerlan as his closest family member at the time of the bombings.

Bruck urged the jury to sentence the defendant to life in prison without the possibility of ever being released.

The photo caused a sensation last week when prosecutors showed it to the jury that will decide whether Tsarnaev lives or dies.

It’s a life-or-death situation for the younger Tsarnaev, who will either face the death penalty, or life in prison without parole.

Legal analysts say the defense strategy – first and foremost – will be to humanize Tsarnaev. “No martyrdom.’’”.

Another unanswered question is whether Tsarnaev will speak in his own defense.

Imam Loay Assaf testified Monday that Tamerlan Tsarnaev got very angry during one service in 2013 when Assaf praised Martin Luther King Jr. and compared him to the Prophet Muhammad. All we can do, all you can do is make the best choice.

Which is not to say they won’t persuade at least one juror to choose life in prison instead.

“So you’re not the one who did it?’’ Al-Behacy said he jokingly asked. I later learned that he was a boxer”. Assaf said Tamerlan began shouting at him and calling him a hypocrite.

We don’t know exactly which relatives are here, so we can’t tell if any of them can discuss any meaningful interaction they’ve had with the murderer since he came to America at age eight.

Bruck on Monday also gave jurors a brief family history.

Bruck said Tamerlan was an unusually strong influence on his younger brother because their father, Anzor, was mentally ill and incapable of fulfilling a paternal role. Trying to counter that, she said many people have dysfunctional families. “That was the atmosphere of maternal delusion in which Jahar grew up”.

“Now Tamerlan is in charge, ’’ Bruck said”.

In its landmark decision in Roper v. Simmons, the court cited research that has found the brains of young adults undergo development throughout late adolescence.

In contrast, he said, Dzhokhar was widely known “as the quiet, helpful kid [who] did his homework [and was] loved by his teachers, appreciated by friends”.

Defense attorney David Bruck said: “There is no evening the scales”. Their case in this second phase of the trial lasted just three days. The defense did not contest Tsarnaev’s guilt.

Attorney David Bruck addressed the photo Monday in his opening statement of the penalty phase of Tsarnaev’s federal trial.

The images were taken three months after the April 2013 marathon bombings killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

At the time he pleaded not guilty for all 30 charges that are held against him.

Defense arguments begin for Boston Bomber trial, death unlikely for Tsarnaev