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Kevin Kolb Makes Cardinals Debut

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Kevin Kolb Makes Cardinals Debut

Kevin Kolb made his debut on Thursday for the California Cardinals, who defeated the Oakland Raiders with a score of 24-18.

Klob was not able to locate his new target, but failed to get his offence on the team’s scoreboard in his two drives. However the match ended before he could make a contribution to his win. The highlight for Klob in the match was a 43 yard pass that appeared to be covered by Cardinal’s DeMarcus Van Dyke, before his teammate Fitzgerald stepped in to take the ball away and score points for the team.

Klob praised his teammate, Fitzgerald who made the match easy for him by making the paly great. It was not just Fitzgerald who played a major part in the team’s victory. The other three quarter backs of Arizona, all threw valuable touchdown passes, which included from Max Hall a 28 yarder to Isaiah Williams, with just 40 seconds left in the game.

For the Raiders, Trent Edwards the third stringer threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to David Ausberry. Sebastian Janikowiski kicked 4 field goals, which also included a 7 yarder with just two and a half minutes left into the play. The raiders committed almost 10 penalties and also settled for field goals on 3 drives which came from inside the Arizona 25 yard line. The Raiders team looked sloppy, with very little practice time since the ending of the lockout. Raiders coach Jackson refused to make an excuse for his team’s sloppy performance.

Klob was acquired by the Cardinals after the retirement of Kurt Warner and absence of any good replacements. He was acquired from Philadelphia for an $63 million contract, with $21 million assured. Arizona’s cornerback, Dominique Rodgers Cromartie was sent to Eagles in second round draft pick. After the transfer Klob did not participate in the practice right away.

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