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Inconsistent Jaguar Debut for Gabbert

Contributed by on August 12, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Inconsistent Jaguar Debut for Gabbert

Ryan Mallet made use of his debut as the quarterback for the New England Patriots by playing a rock solid game. Ryan may not get another chance after the start of the regular season, with other players available at the coach’s disposal.

As the New England Patriots beat Jacksonville Jaguars 47-12 on Thursday night in an exhibition opener, with the third round draft choice leading to four second half touchdown drives, Tom Brady watched the whole game from the sidelines. At the start of the second half of the game, Mallet entered with Jaguars playing third and fourth string defenders in various spots.

Mallet said that he felt relaxed slightly after the first game and it felt great to just go out there in the field and play with his fellow teammates. The highly regarded Jaguars rookie quarter back Blaine Gabbert, who was taken with 10th pick played the first half, definitely had a hard day as the Patriots’ had few of their starters on defense. Later on Gabbert said that it was exciting to play football again after a long gap. He also added that a lot of fans will take the preseason with a pinch of salt.
Gabber completed 9 out of 16 passes for the 85 yards, as the team Jacksonville Jaguars managed to score only 3 field goals on his 6 series. Mallet and Gabbert are both most likely to spend the most part of this season on the benches. Gabbert gets an opportunity if the starter David Garrard gets injured or fails to perform well.
Garrard had missed the game due to his back problem, but was fit enough to return to practice on Saturday. Garrard, in a statement said that Gabbert will prove to be valuable if something happens to me even though I’m feeling better every day. Mallet provided valuable contribution in turning the 19-9 halftime lead to a 35 point rout.