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How to Market Yourself as an Authority Without Doing Any Marketing

Contributed by on January 20, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Portrait of happy young woman holding coffee cup in front of cafeTraditional marketing, or offline marketing as it is known, can still work exceptionally well. This is in spite of the onset of the digital age. Yes, we’ve all heard about how social media, PPC, and SEO can help a small business. Online methods of marketing have been heralded as the solution, providing businesses with a strong web presence. However, offline methods of marketing should not be dismissed. In fact, offline practices can work in tandem with online methods of marketing. It’s all about using traditional and digital means in conjunction with one another. By doing this, all small businesses owners can make sure that they are viewed as an authority in the business world.


Of course, there are a number of things that all business owners should do to market their business in both the online and offline world. It’s vital that companies are seen as a trusted and recognized business within the local community. You don’t have to spend a fortune on establishing and building trust. You don’t have to spend long hours completing laborious marketing campaigns. Rather, you can guarantee that you are viewed as a local ‘expert’ without having to do a great deal of work. It’s marketing without actually doing any marketing. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, optometrist or veterinarian, you can market yourself as an authority within your profession. For decades, small businesses and professionals have become established members of their local community. What is more, they didn’t even realize that they were marketing themselves like this.


So, how can this no-nonsense art of self-promotion be achieved?


Let’s find out more.


The BBB (the Better Business Bureau)


Many small businesses forget that joining the BBB can be an excellent form of marketing. The key to making sure that local businesses are considered as an authority within their community is simple. All business should seek accreditation. This is the ultimate way to establish trust within the community. So, why is this case? If a company is accredited with the BBB, it means that the business has met the BBB’s criteria. Accreditation standards ensure that businesses are viewed by the public as making a strong commitment to their clients. This means that they consistently deal with consumer complaints in the appropriate manner. In short, this can be a great way of inspiring customer trust.


But, there is more.


BBB accredited businesses pay a nominal fee for reviews and monitoring of the complaints procedure. By doing this, it provides customers with the knowledge that businesses are compliant. Furthermore, it also guarantees that the BBB supports your business within the public domain. The BBB can ensure that standards are upheld in the local business community. Those businesses that are complaint are BBB accredited. What is more, this is not an endorsement. As such, this can be the best way to ensure that a company is compliant and trustworthy within the local community.


One of the greatest things about achieving accreditation status is that you can place a badge on your website. This is a clear indication that you are a business that can be trusted by customers. Additionally, you can use a wide source of offline materials, such as flyers, leaflets and business cards. These can be left in your lobby, practice or store. Why not keep your offline materials on the reception area? Materials can be kept on display for passer-by to see. After all, passing trade is vital for any localized business. Offline and online marketing has never been easier to achieve. You can be perceived as an authority simply by getting accredited.


Did you know that the BBB has the most businesses in their files? Conversely, if a company is not accredited, the BBB lists the business as such. Businesses that fail to gain approval can leave a bad impression on their potential customer base. As such, they can lose sales and may not be viewed as a local company that is reputable. Of course, some businesses may not be eligible for this accreditation due to complaints against the business. Now is the time to take action and rectify these issues. After all, the key to marketing your business is by ensuring that you market your venture as a reliable, trustworthy company.


Members of the Local Chamber of Commerce


Joining a Chamber of Commerce can be an excellent publicity boost. By doing this, your business will have increased exposure. This exposure is identified in both in the online and offline world. In the main, the Chamber of Commerce can ensure that members are in receipt of a link and online listing. The link is an authoritative way of boosting publicity within the area. What is more, becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce is perfect for those that want to seek out further networking opportunities. As you are in direct contact with other professionals, you can make certain that you are maximizing your potential as a business force to be reckoned with.


In summary, the benefits of this are seemingly obvious. You get a powerful link on the Chamber of Commerce’s site. In addition to that, you are also able to mingle with local professionals and members of the community.


But, aside from having this authoritative link within the Chamber of Commerce’s site, you are instantly recognized as a trustworthy site in the eyes of Google. After all, Google needs to make sure that all businesses are putting the customer first. Having this link will automatically give you prominence with Google. It’s SEO marketing with minimum fuss.


Businesses and Care Credit


Care Credit can be an excellent source for those who run local businesses. In the main, it can be the ideal way to help you promote your website. As such, Care Credit can see fit to make sure that your business is promoted within the directory that they contain within their site. Their list of authorized providers is a great way of promoting your business as a reputable and trustworthy brand. This can ensure that both potential customers and Google see your business as a local force to be reckoned with. The premise of Care Credit means that patients can search within the site. This can be done with the patient in mind. Patients can find a medical professional within their area. As the link from Care Credit is considered to be valid, it is something that Google likes. It shows that the business is in good standing. What’s more, the link is deemed as a high authority link, which Google loves. For local medical businesses, Care Credit can be a great way of maximising a business’s potential. All of this can be done without laborious marketing tasks having to be undertaken.


Considering is a useful tool for the local professional. Did you know that has over 170,000 members around the world? This can be an excellent method of networking with local professionals. The BNI has weekly meetings. This can provide business owners with referrals. These referrals are generated for exclusive BNI members. It provides the local business owner with the opportunity to share ideas and generate leads. Despite this being a global resource, there are local divisions. This means that all businesses have the chance to be a part of the BNI, irrespective of their location.


So, What Does This Mean For Local Businesses?


These groups, accreditations, and business societies can make certain that any local businesses are considered as an established company. They are ultimately recognized as a force within the local community in which they serve. As such, entrepreneurs and professionals can maximize their customer base. All of which can be achieved without doing a great deal of work.


For decades, people have called their local chamber for information on businesses. They have checked out the bar association. They have contacted the BBB for referrals. They often look online simply to check a business’s record. So, being a part of these groups and websites can place you as a dominant, yet trustworthy, business within the community.


Aside from this, it’s an excellent means of marketing a business without undertaking long, drawn out marketing tasks. All of these websites are considered to be “Google-friendly”. This is perfect for businesses, as they can rank higher in search engine results by joining them. Consequently, it’s one of the easiest ways to market a business as an authority without having to do any marketing. It’s a simple, yet successful, route to take.


However, for those that are concerned about Google and its ever changing rules and algorithms, fear not. Google, despite its evolution and change, will always consistently use these signals. Due the nature of the links that are placed on these sites, Google will always place these websites prominently within search engine results. It’s a fail safe route to not marketing a business.


Think about this logically for a moment. Would you recommend a professional that was not a member of the local business community? If they had minimal prominence within the community, they would not be recommended by professionals and entrepreneurs alike. So, if you are not willing to endorse these businesses, why would Google? In short, becoming a member of these sites and groups is the ultimate way of establishing trust. It’s the key to marketing a business without actually doing any marketing.