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Here’s What to Expect from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

Contributed by on March 25, 2015 at 5:24 pm

Facebook app on screen of Ipad and Iphone 5s.Facebook’s annual F8 Developers Conference kicks off today (Wednesday). During the two-day event, Facebook will likely shed some light on how it will connect its recent acquisitions and disparate products.

Just ahead of the conference, Facebook’s stock hit a new record, closing at $85.46. The company also made two major acquisitions over the last year, including Oculus VR and WhatsApp. The latter of the two cost Facebook a cool $19 billion.

If the F8 event schedule is any indication, the prominent themes at this year’s conference will once again be Parse, the company’s mobile app platform, and Facebook Login. Video, which is another area Facebook is investing heavily in, will likely also play a big role in this year’s conference. Of course, Facebook will also make an argument as to why developers should build and monetize apps on their platform, as opposed to Google, Yahoo, Apple and other competitors.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to what Facebook is up to. Recently, the company announced that it was talking to media companies in hopes of hosting their content on Facebook itself. The company also announced that it will be allowing users to send money straight through Facebook Messenger. And after an accidental leak, rumors are swirling that Facebook is working on an Android app called Phone.