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Hardy to be a dad again

Contributed by on September 5, 2015 at 9:23 pm

Tom Hardy melted more than a few hearts Thursday when he took his pooch Woody to the world premiere of Legend in London’s Leicester Square.

The identity of this charming escort? Hence, the actor described his dog as a faithful pet; always by the actor’s side, according to Daily Mail.

Our imaginary boyfriend Tom Hardy and his actual wife Charlotte Riley are expecting a baby!

Actress Charlotte, 33, opted for a figure-hugging black dress to highlight her changing figure. Woody posed for pictures with his owner, sitting in front of the step-and-repeat for photographers.

Pregnancy rumors may have been swirling but it wasn’t until now that the rumors have been confirmed. The baby, whose due date is not known at this time, will be the first for the happy couple, who reportedly got married in July, 2014. This will be the actor’s second child.

Meanwhile, the Krays’ former hit-man Freddie Foreman has revealed he had secret meetings with Tom to help him with his portrayal of the gangsters.

“I had no idea how to handle the industry, to interact with producers, executive producers, studios… 99% of my scenes were with Reggie, I had one scene with Ron and that was a revelation watching”, he recalled.

But you shouldn’t be too hasty in judging this belter of a movie which stars East Sheen’s Tom Hardy as not one but both brothers.

‘And then doing rather well at something, enjoying my character work, but it not being a huge amount of money’.

Hardy’s Ronnie Kray is the more straightforward – we’re told early on by a medical professional is “off his f*****g rocker” – and his portrayal is guttural, blank-eyed and very, very risky. During his recent interview on an Australian show, Jackman confessed that he was “offered” the role. “I enjoyed them both at the end of the day but I responded to Ronnie better”, he said.

Watch Legend in theatres October 2nd this year.

Tom Hardy doubles up for Kray twins movie Legend