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Google punishes non-mobile ready sites with new update

Contributed by on March 12, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Google Plus application on Apple iPhone 5SThe next update of Google’s ranking algorithm aims to reward companies which made their online presence as mobile-friendly as possible. This means companies who have implemented responsive display, auto-resizing, or even pure mobile-specific displays will get a nice bump in their rankings. That’s how Google is spinning the update-it is a positive thing and is meant as a reward.
Reading between the lines, however, Google’s message to online publishers is clear: go mobile or get punished. This is a logical reading of Google’s public announcement regarding its mobile-friendly algorithm update because search rankings are relative. For one site to get ‘rewarded’, another site gets punished by getting pushed down the rankings.
The practical effect of this impending update is that there will be a mad rush to adopt mobile-ready displays. It would be very interesting to see if sites’ rankings get affected as they switch from one type of mobile-friendly design technology to another. You see, there’s  a big difference between responsive display, auto-resizing, and a pure mobile display.
Thankfully, many bloggers don’t have to do much. A lot of the top WordPress themes available are already mobile-friendly. In fact, the latest default themes for WordPress are optimized for mobile. The practical effect of this update would be to push down websites that are lightly managed or left to run on autopilot.
This is yet another example of how Google throws its weight around to get online publishers up to speed regarding Web standards. First, it was the HTTPS premium, now it’s mobile designs. What’s next?

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