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Get Fit this Off Season

Contributed by on March 12, 2015 at 3:25 am

warming up at gymIf you are into professional swimming, then you can’t deny the fact that there is an off season in every swimmer’s life where you spend 3-4 weeks away from water. Although most swimmers are trained to train, you must always look to refine your skills. Here are a few tips to keep up your shape this off season :


1. Yoga


Having your pecs, traps and lats loose and lengthened will surely add length to every stroke that you swim. With extended shoulder flexibility and movement, you can extend further and cover more water in every stroke as well. Yoga is not just a trendy thing to do for swimmers, its the logical thing to do as well.


2. Core


Abs come naturally with swimming and it is usually believed that if you swim, you have abs. Creating an ab workout routine in the off season will surely assist you in keeping your shape and body strength intact.


3. Run and Do Spins


Running gets your heart going and allows the brain to take some time to think of advancing to further sessions. Also, it helps you maintain that stamina you already have. You can also try spinning or hopping on to your bike for that matter.


4. Loosen


When we say loosen up, we mean do it inside the pool. Yes, even when its off season, you need not put swimming off limits! Don’t look for a swimming session but do it as hydrotherapy. This brings back length into your shins and makes the day far less painful.

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