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Future of agribusiness in Australia according to students looks bright

Contributed by on April 26, 2016 at 6:56 am

The main question in the conversation between future students that wants to learn agriculture and Doctor Christine Storer was about the potential of this industry.

She admits that to talk about agribusiness is necessary because new generation doesn’t see the future in agriculture. No matter how many of them want to fight the pollution or to save the land, they just don’t think about the career in agriculture.
Storer believes that many of students just don’t know, that agribusiness can bring good money, they do not have to own a farm for that. According to her, young generation does not know what the agribusiness really looks like. Another big problem is that their parents also don’t know anything about agriculture. If people grow up in the big city, it is very unlikely that they will choose agribusiness in future. However, among people who grow up in rural areas there are many who do not want to continue their father’s work, for example.

She talked with the students who will graduate from school pretty soon, and they already began to look for the university programs and monitor the job market.
They understood that in Australia these days is not easy to find a good job, so many of them want to enter agriculture business just because they still have many available places. Some of the students who want to join agribusiness have already their experience in this field. Some of them worked on farms during the summer holidays, some of them grew up on farms or have friends from the village.

Most of them believe that agribusiness will become popular in the future and will have great sources for its development. Not all of these students want to work on a farm, as far as they see themselves in consulting, trading, science fields.