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FlexiGroup is first in line to fund solar batteries business

Contributed by on March 2, 2016 at 6:42 am

The company issued the green bond for 50 million dollars, as the part of their program of solar batteries installation. It is the first financier group in Australia that decided to invest in the “green” industry. Their asset will fund the installation of solar panels.

The main support of FlexiGroup is an asset on $260 million. It will be invested into the climate business. They make it real with the help of Commonwealth Bank and NAB that will guarantee the value of “green-asset”.

The first client who bought $20 million bond of FlexiGroup was the government and their corporation Clean Energy Finance.

Eclipx is also among the first buyers and supporters for solar panels initiative of FlexiGroup.

Symon Brewis-Weston is the chief executive of Flexi Group. He assured that the governmental help was important, however, they could successfully continue their work even without that. According to the new executive chief, FlexiGroup received enough offers from other Australian investors.

He admits that the offers came from many businessmen and companies that prefer to work with “green” engineering and to support ethical ideas that are thinking about future of the planet.

He claims that these days it is much easier to find investors that few years earlier when nobody wanted to listen about ecology.

This industry, according to Symon, is not a closed anymore. It is developing with the hope for our future.

NAB started to finance projects with renewable energy in 2014 when it gave the first “green” bond and raised 300 million dollars for this branch of industry.

In the same time, Stockland issued 300 million euros to support eco-projects.

However, Steve Lambert, the chief manager of NAB thinks that Flexi Group made the significant gestures, as far as it is the first certified climate bond in Australia.