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Rat Reportedly Takes Selfie in Brooklyn Subway

Contributed by on November 23, 2015 at 11:49 am

But, it appears people won’t stop whipping out their phone in these somewhat desperate attempts to catch the next viral sensation. Over the weekend a CT man Don Richards captured and shared a story of another unbelievable rat.

First there was ‘pizza rat.’ Now, we have the ‘selfie rat.’ An out of towner and his friend were waiting for the subway when they saw a man sleeping near the tracks in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The flash seemed to startle the rat and he scarpered, possibly heading off to take another selfie a different location in the Big Apple. It was the flash of the camera that ended up waking the resting commuter.

Climbing up onto the stranger’s lap, the rat somehow managed to take a close-up shot of himself before the slumbering man was finally disturbed from his nap.

It was the flash that woke the man up, which alerted him to its presence!

The rat’s alleged selfie (reportedly passed to Richards by the passed-out dude in the video, and included below), is amateur, sure, but also kind of abstract and artistic and symbolic of the hectic, faceless rat race that is the NY City subway commute.

Even rats take selfies on NYC subway platforms