Pakistani army claims first use of indigenous armed drone, killing 3 militants

The strike means Pakistan has joined a small club of nations, including the USA, United Kingdom and Israel, to have successfully used a remote-controlled aircraft to kill their enemies.

Analysts say these drones look very much like those of China, a close ally which has been contributing to advancement of Pakistan’s military capabilities. Initially, the country said it would only use them for surveillance, but abandoned that stance after a terrorist attack at a school left about 150 students and teachers dead.

But with the campaign against domestic terrorists proving popular, there has been nearly no public dissent over of the efficacy of air strikes, while the once ferocious criticism of continuing USA drone strikes has nearly entirely disappeared.

The militants said that Wazir would be buried on Monday.

Since May, the army has progressed work in the sincerely woody ravines of one’s Shawal Valley - that will bestrides North and South Waziristan corporations along…

The forested ravines of Shawal Valley and Datta Khel are smuggling routes between Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan.

After nearly a decade of growing anti-US sentiment in Pakistan centering almost entirely on America’s illegal drone war against the country’s tribal areas, aerial drones have gotten a really bad reputation in the country. Some foreigners kidnapped in Pakistan or Afghanistan, for example, may still be held in captivity in Pakistan. The drone strike also suggests a shift in Pakistan’s policy in terms of using armed drones.

Pakistan Claims Use Of Indigenous Armed Drone

Three killed in first Pakistan drone attack