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Google wants to make Glass cool again

Contributed by on September 20, 2015 at 5:39 pm

Google’s new name for Glass is somewhat confusing considering the company already has “Project Ara”, a development team attempting to produce a modular smartphone.

The expectation is that Project Aura will provide a home for some of Google’s weirder technology projects, including its virtual reality effort Google Cardboard, and gesture input technology which is known as Soli.

According to the source, Nest CEO Tony Fadell will continue to help in the project, though no one knows what will happen if Nest becomes a separate Alphabet company.

Just weeks after Google and several other silicon valley mammoths agreed to a record $451 million settlement over a nearly 10-year old “no-poaching” pact among technology giants-a secret agreement not to recruit each others employees-Google is raiding the valley to recruit for its new Project Aura, Glass and Beyond, hiring a full-time recruiter, Jessica Bailow.

Google has brought in at least three employees from Amazon’s Lab126 to work on the new project and is still recruiting. Moreover, the fact that it was way overpriced at $1500 and didn’t offer that any practical usage, hence the Mountain View, California-based company in January stopped selling the head-mounted gear, with the company’s top management admitting that the device was released ahead of its time. He is now the software development manager of Project Aura, sources said. (Ross reports to Fadell.) To bolster its team, Project Aura has been picking up engineers laid off by Amazon after its Fire smartphone failed to gain traction with customers.

Some say Project Aura got started four months ago and is looking at reviving Google Glass.

Project Aura remains a mystery as of this writing, although there are speculations that the wearable is geared to becoming a VR (virtual reality) device. The third is Tina Chen, who left Lab126 after working on the retailer’s streaming box and Echo last month. The Fire phone was not well received and is no longer being sold after numerous price cuts.

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