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Facebook Reveals New Community Guidelines on Sharing

Contributed by on March 16, 2015 at 4:19 pm

thumbs up sign in chalkFacebook revealed new community guidelines on Sunday, detailing what can and can’t be shared on the social network. The new rules are designed to help Facebook reach its goal of creating a place where people can connect and share freely in a safe and secure environment.

The new guidelines were unveiled in a news post on Facebook Newsroom. The post helps users understand what they can and can’t share on Facebook. While some of the rules are new, much of the guidelines are old news. Facebook still maintains its position on policies related to dangerous organizations, self-injury, criminal activity, bullying, harassment, exploitation, violence, nudity and hate speech.

Facebook states that it is working with governments, academics, experts and community members around the world to help determine what pieces of content should be removed from the social network. While the company admits that it won’t be able to address every piece of content perfectly, it does take the time to evaluate reported content seriously.

That being said, Facebook still relies on users to flag content as inappropriate. As such, the “Report” link can still be found on the top right corner of posts.

Facebook’s clarification of community guidelines is part of the social network’s attempt to reduce the number of content removal requests they receive. In the first half of 2014, 9,707 pieces of content were restricted, which was up from 8,774.