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Disney gives repellants from insects to their visitors

Contributed by on August 29, 2016 at 9:07 am


They want to keep their clients safe from the Zika virus. Florida became one of the epicenters of Zika. The increase of infected people is rising. And the Disney World is giving to all their clients and also staff members free repellants from mosquitoes, main transmitters of this virus.
After the questions about risks to receive Zika virus during a simple visit to the Disneyland became asked more often, Disney announced that they are going to take new measures. They wrote on their website that there are new repellents for all the members of their cast and for the guests.
Visitors of Disney World appreciate this gesture from the administration. It is not the first Disney’s move to protect their quests. They spread the information about Zika everywhere and warn guests. And local Health Department says that there are no cases of Zika virus near the Disney area.
Administration of the park asks visitors:
– to wear clothes with long sleeves and pants that can cover their skin.
– to use the repellent that must be spread according to the instruction on the label of the product.
– not to spray repellent under the clothes.
– the sunscreen must be applied before the repellent if you need to use it on your skin.
– babies younger than 2 months cannot use the repellent.
– adults must spread the repellent to their own hands before put them on the skin of the children.